CLAW Theater
CLAW Theater
"From the moment the first kitty made shadow birds on the walls of a prehistoric cave, we have had theater. From the Greek playwright Catistophanes to the Roman Catullus, from Shakespeare (who, of course, was of the feline purrsuasion) to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats," the theater has brought endless joy and enlightenment to rich and poor, young and old, kitties of every color, spot, patch and stripe." --Queen Midnight, Founder of Claw Theater
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Sleeping Beauty Aladdin Robin Hood
Alices' Adventures in Wonderland Peter Pan The Wizard of Oz

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Before or after you enjoy a great performance in CLAW Theater, take a few minutes to browse around the foyer of The Leo Center and enjoy our fine arts exhibit featuring some well-known feline artists of the past and present.

While at The Leo Center, stop by The Screening Room and view a short documentary feature produced in 1999. A Few Days in Florida chronicles Leo's all too brief holiday visit with Skuzzy in sunny Florida...

At every point on the art history timeline that began with prehistoric cave paintings nearly 20,000 years ago, "Man the Artist" has created images of the animals around him. Horses, deer, dogs, lions, tigers, bears --wild animals of every description-- have been frequent inspiration for artists throughout the centuries. But, in the huge collection of art works that man has amassed since emerging from the cave, representations of the domestic cat are relatively few. Click to Enter
We have gathered a small but interesting exhibit of images that illustrate how cats have been portrayed by artists of various cultures during various periods. Our exhibit is arranged in several galleries, and images are presented in roughly chronological order. We hope you enjoy the images of Cats in Art currently on display in the Galleries of CLAW Theater.
[Note: Although the images in our galleries represent masterworks of fine arts, some parents may find some subject matter inappropriate for young children.]

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